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I am an LVN and a first year school nurse. The other day a student was brought to me by the coach assistant around 3pm (school lets out at 3:20). The assistant stated that the child (4th grd) fell... Read More

  1. by   100kids
    Hope the metting with the principal goes well. Just clearly explain everything the way you did here and I don't see any reason why you could be faulted. You herad of an incident, assessed and treated and left a message for the parents. And to top it off you assessed correctly and there was nothing wrong that needed medical treatment. This mom is going overboard. Stay calm and don't doubt yourself!
  2. by   Talljt05
    The meeting went well with principal went well, the principal did mention that the parent said she has either already or wil be reporting me to the board of nursing for neglect. Principal stated that she is shocked because she hasn't had any complaints about be since I've started and doesn't understand why the vendetta to have me punished.
  3. by   Artistyc1
    I can "feel your pain". I am in one of these situations myself. This is a complaint that often comes up from many school nurses. There will be a parent that is possibly unstable themselves, that will go as far as they possibly can to punish anyone that they perceive as having "offended them" in some way. In my building, it is often the parents that are not particularly stellar themselves that are hardest on our staff.
    What excuse does she have for not providing a working phone number for you to call in an emergency? Or at least an alternate number where messages can be left? Or does she not have to answer for her responsibility in this?
    GASP. Shame on me, MY BAD. Mentioning the term "parental responsibility". I forget that is verboten.
    Though there is nothing that can really be done to you, license wise, unless there was something left out of this story. I know how it hurts me when this sort of thing occurs, both personally and professionally. Just keep your head up, and avoid this person whenever possible. When any contact with her is necessary, make sure that you have a witness to all conversations. I went one further; I purchased a digital voice recorder. I will then tell the person "I would like to tape this, just to protect you as well as myself" before turning it on. There are only a few parents that drive me to this. They tend to behave themselves, as they do not want anything that they will have to answer for later to be recorded. You had better believe that NEVER in my wildest imagination did I expect that I would have to come to this. But, as I need to work, I don't have any other answers.