Decorating Nurse's Office

  1. I was wondering what everyone's office looks like. I have white walls, and bright harsh white lighting. When kids come in that need to rest for a while, I don't think my office has a comforting look. I see students from preschool to 8th. My walls have the basic posters, and a bulletin board, several filing/storage cabinets. I'd like to make it look more child friendly, without making it look too childish for the older kids. I was thinking a nice lamp, some actual pictures (don't know what of), and maybe even one of those machines that plays different nature or soothing sounds. Does anyone have walls that are painted any color other than white? I would love ideas as I want to present this to my director and see what she thinks.
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  3. by   jidlr
    My walls are a pale yellow and I have age appropriate movie posters hanging with some stuffed animals different movies on top of the cabinets where they are visible but out of reach. It helps, but the room is noisy as it's next to the main office the student restrooms and cafeteria are across the hall so it's not conducive to rest or the least bit calming. To top that off all 36 light (yes I mean 36 4 foot tubes) work on one switch so the place is blinding!
  4. by   Jeanine
    I have murals painted on my walls from the 7th and 8th grade art classes. I also have health projects that get replaced every marking period. My skeleton wears seasonal hats (witch for halloween, santa for Dec.,baseball in spring, etc.). I decorate for holidays and try to be "politically correct". I have a large bulletin board for pictures from class trips, medically related articles, bell schedules, calendars, etc. With all of this, the color of my walls really doesn't matter. The friendly atmosphere has been recognized in my evaluations by a number of different supervisors over the years.
  5. by   athomemom56
    I also have health projects that get replaced every marking period.

    Can you tell me a little more about your health projects in relationship to your room decor?
  6. by   Jeanine
    The 7th graders make t-shirt shaped posters, shields, or spinners (large discs with a spinning arrow) depicting how they can make good decisions and protect themselves from drug/ETOH influences. They get taped to the walls and doors, wherever there is open space. The 8th graders do pamphlets or fliers on STD's. I keep these in a binder or post the pamphlets on the bulletin board. The health classes get an idea of what they are supposed to do by seeing the prior projects. The conversations that they stimulate are real eye-openers! For example, one girl told me that girls didn't need to worry about getting CRABS because "unless you're 'dirty', you shave down there!" Another student chimed in and reminded her that she could still get them in her eyebrows! AARGH!! Anyway, I'm sure you could incorporate all of the grades into your decor, K-8th!!!!
  7. by   iced tea
    Do you have those firm vinyl beds? Drape them with vinyl tablecloths as a bed sheet to match the holiday or season.
  8. by   athomemom56
    Great Idea for the vinyl sheets, I can use all kinds of themed sheets. Many wonderful ideas!
  9. by   Flare
    the school i work inis only kindergarten - so my office is pretty age appropriate (but cramped... oh well) white walls with Snow white and the dwaves painted on them. Pepto bismol pink walls (the office came like this) and i brought in a big red stuffed bear . I have a few health posters (my pyramid up right now) and a bulltin board that I am supposed to upate every month