Baby Nurse Interested in 2 Yr RN Program!

  1. Hello Everyone:

    I am new here, found the site last night and though I am not a Medical Nurse I have had a lot of experience working as a Baby Nurse with newborn babies.

    I am 50 years young and I am interested in going for the 2 year RN Program and I wanted to know if anyone could advice me. Is anyone familiar with the 2 year Program? Also if I took this program can I chose to be a Pediatric Nurse? Also you can imagine that I have been out of school for a very long time and I am going to need extra help because my brain has been off school wise for a very long time...

    I have had medical issues since December 2003 and was in the hospital for a month this past June, I am coming along but I wonder if someone could advise me as to which areas of math are essential for Nursing and what other subjects I need in the beginning. I ask because while I am recouperating I am thinking of getting a tutor, especially for math and I need to know exactly which areas are needed when entering the nursing field, this will at least help me somewhat to be able to understand what the instructors are talking about when I go for the classes.

    I hope to receive some advice from some of you. You could email me directly at Thank You Very Much.
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  3. by   ProfRN4
    welcome to allnurses!! what exactly do you mean by 'baby nurse'? a nanny or a child care provider? if that is the case, you would probably make a good nurse, and your experience will help you in maternity and peds.

    there are plenty of 2 yr schools in ny. that gives you an associates degree. you can go to a community college through cuny (city university of new york), or you can try a hospital based program (there are a couple left- beth isreal, or st vincents catholic medical center). many have a waiting list now, so it will likely take you more than 2 yrs. in the meantime, you can start taking pre-requisites (anatomy and physiology, english, psychology, etc.)

    as far as math is concerned, the 'nursing' math is mostly drug calculations. it is basic, although it is still math, and some people have problems with it. a lot of it is ratio and proportion, and division. you need to figure out how quickly an iv needs to infuse (there are formulas to follow). there are also conversions- especially in peds. pounds to kilograms, farenheit to celsius, etc. there's a lot more drug calculations in peds, because all of the drugs are dosed by weight.

    depending on your previous college experience (and what school you go to), you may need to take a 'college' math course. this may actually help you to refresh.

    if you have any questions, let me know (i live in ny). you can also check out the ny nurses forum, where people often talk about different schools.

    good luck!!!