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  1. Hi,

    I have been an acute care nurse in a hospital for awhile now, and as my kids are getting older (school aged), I have been strongly considering school nursing. I have a feeling it is something that I will enjoy since I am autonomous, enjoy kids, and don't mind the social issues aspect (I have most recently been a postpartum nurse, so I'm familiar with social issues). I plan on finishing my master's this next year, and after, maybe transistioning to school nursing. Here are my questions:

    I know the money isn't great, but can any of you working in Arizona school districts give me an idea of around what you make? I want to make sure I'm being realistic...

    Is there any way to shadow a school nurse for a shift to get a better feel for the job?

    Thanks for the info!
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  3. by   FloridaBeagle
    Check out Hiring season is probably over now, but there might be something available. They had a lot of AZ jobs up over the summer. I was looking for a job there, obviously.

    I ultimately didn't apply for any jobs there when I checked out the salary scale (these are available online in most districts). It would have had me in the upper 30k region, which would be lower money than I've ever made in my professional career. (I was making 40K 10 years ago!) I don't know how they can pay RN's so little, but they do. I guess that's why they had so many jobs posted.