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Does any one work or has worked as a school nurse? Any advise? hints? I'm afraid to leave the job that I have to something that is not going to be challenging enough?



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This seems to be the most common question from non school nurses.

This will be the single most challenging job you have EVER had.

As a school nurse, (not a nurse in a school), you are mostly on your own in an educational world. You will need to learn to speak the education language. There are common everyday boo boos, tummy aches, headlice, and frequent flyers, not only from students, but from staff as well. EVERYTHING you have ever used in nursing (except for some technical skills) will be used in the school setting.

You know all the people you care for in the hospital? They live and work in the community 24/7 and their kids go to school 5 days a week.

This year, on the day before the first day of school, 5 of our high school boys were involved in a car wreck. Only 2 lived. I am still dealing with grief issues with the school kids. I had a child who lost from 82 to 69 lbs in 3 weeks (over 15% of her body weight) her physician told her the constant throwing up was just allergies and sent her home on claritin. She came to me the next day and we had to life flight her to Tulsa. She was in diabetic ketoacidosis!!! Never been diagnosed before. I have pregnant teens, abused children, suicidal teens, the list goes on and on. The educational opportunities are endless. From germs and dental hygeine in the lower grades, to puburty and stds in the middle and upper grades. Not only teaching dangers of risky behaviors, but also implementing programs to build self esteem and promote healthy behaviors.

Some schools have more medically fragile kids. Kids with tube feedings, catheterizations, o2, iv's, etc.

School nursing is as much as you make it.

visit our national site to find out our scope of practice and position statement.

visit for some excellent articles on considering school nursing and the transition from hospital nursing to school nursing.

Good luck:welcome:


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If you are not sure about school nursing, ask if you can sub, volunteer, shadow? See if the setting and clientele are a good fit for you. Attend a local school nurse meeting / conference.


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That is a great idea, but unfortunally I have a current job that I will have to quit in the coming weeks before I accept the school position. Every one that I have been talking to, loves the idea specially since I have kids and this way I will have the same schedule as them. If you have any other suggestions, ideas, web pages etc,.please let me know.

thanks again for your reply.

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