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Are you at a high school? Just not understanding why you'd be testing for drugs in your clinic. Either way, Marijuana should be treated differently than other drugs in legal states. If it is prescribed by a doc for the students condition it should be treated as medicine with no preconceived notions or judgement. Basically ADHD drugs are prescription Meth and we all know this but certain drugs have their purpose for different conditions and Adderall and methylphenidate are life savers for kids who have severe adhd issues. Please outline implications you're speaking of in terms of the legal marijuana.

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Yes, I am in high school, but I'm not in the main clinic.   It is part of my secondary duties to administer the drug testing program (the primary is to evaluate students with IEPs, IHPs, 504s etc... on disciplinary matters).

I guess it varies depending on what you're state laws, but here while MM here is pretty highly limited and any non-FDA approved stuff (herbals, supplements) needs more than just a doctor's sign-off to be administered at the school.   It has to be written into an IHP or 504.

I guess the drug testing is just a red herring as you note, there are some FDA approved things we'll detect with the ten panel.