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School Nurse Interview

by stlrn stlrn (New) New Nurse

Has 18 years experience.

I am interviewing for an elementary school nurse position. I am completely new to this role. I use to work bedside then was a clinical nurse supervisor. I am trying to come up with good interview questions especially with all of the Covid challenges. What questions do you feel would be important to ask? Also appreciate any interview tips. Thanks!

ruby_jane, BSN, RN

Specializes in ICU/community health/school nursing. Has 12 years experience.

If you'll type "school nurse interview questions" in the search bar you'll come up with a lot of wisdom.

Have you researched the school yet? Is it Title IX? Where is it?

I like to ask the principal something along the lines of: What's most important to you- keeping the kids in seats or parental satisfaction? Because....you can't keep the kids in seats if the administrator is very interested in parental satisfaction.

Finally - we've interviewed five or six candidates this year - I want to make sure you understand that you will likely have a contract where you're paid for less than 200 days of work (it will depend). You will get 10-ish weeks off in Summer, 2-ish weeks around Winter break, a week-ish at Thanksgiving and a week in the Spring. When you do the math on the 189-ish days you won't be making a lot less....but realize that you are spreading that out over 52 weeks. If this will not work economically for you then please, don't go ahead with the interview. The salary scale is probably publicly disclosed. Best of luck.