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School Nurse Certification NJ

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Hi - I'm interested in obtaining a position in a school, I have my BSN. Am I required to take additional courses from another accredited school in order to be issued a school nurse certification from the state of NJ? The board of education, where the certs are issued from, is not able to give me a definitive answer. Thanks :)

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To be a school nurse in NJ you need to be certified. There is a clause saying that a school only needs one CSN per campus, but we all know that a school with more than one nurse is the exception, not the norm. So the short answer is:yes, if you 're planning on a career in NJ as a school nurse, you need to find a school that offers CSN courses.

Some schools will hire you if you are actively taking classes and get you emergency certified. Check the state dept of ed website for the full deets on that - it's been a while and i don't remember all the nuances.


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The exception to certification is if you work as a school nurse in a non-public school.