School is good...for now

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I haven't been posting much since I've been busy lately but I'm currently in my third and last semester of Nursing school.:cat: :D

Second semester was pretty good since I got pretty good grades for the hard subjects and first semester ended.

((((By the way, anyone in their third semester of nursing now or anyone willing to give me tips, please do! I'm doing Health Promotion and Foundation (not fundamentals - totally different thing) of Nursing this time so any help would be great before classes start.))))

My school is kinda slow on the grades thing so I got back my first semester GPA last week. In the first semester, if anyone read my (rant) post, I had a low grade with a course and I had to do it over. I did and my final overall grade was 70 which is the lowest passing mark. It was sad but I'm glad I managed to pass it and didn't have to resit it again.

My first semester GPA, even with the C, turned out to be a 3.5 which is pretty awesome to say the least. Kinda goes to show, one C in nursing school isn't the end of the world.:up::happy:

So, I'm happy and excited when I'm hit with a bomb of a project in a course with us being the 'guinea pigs' to see how well the course will go. Lucky us. :down::blackeye: So we have nothing to go off of (no format or anything), teacher gives us freedom to do whatever and I'm panicking. Luckily, we have a kicka..! librarian to help and stuff gets done. :up:

Basically surviving the first hurdle of the last semester feels awesome but I know it can change in a minute. So school is good...for now.

Again, tips would be great. So, thank you and goodnight! *bows and nearly falls over*

Congrats on making it this far! I would feel overwhelmed with each start of a semester but then everything would work its way out...I wrote every assignment and exam date in my planner and stayed on top of them. Good luck on your project and semester!

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