does your school have a crisis management plan?

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I've been working since the end of last year to develop one for our school, but, given the recent horrific events in CT, it would be good if I could get this out ASAP....

If your school does have one and it's posted online, would you please post a link to it?

Or could you send me a private message and I'll tell you my email address to send it to?

I'm sure I'm not the only school nurse looking to get their crisis plan in gear, so whatever info we can share with each other would be good. Thanks.

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it seems like things are really in flux in my district right now. thanks for the links



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We contacted our local police department. The safety officer was extremely helpful in helping us develop a plan. She also did a great in-service! In light of last week's tragedy, we are reviewing and strengthening our plan. My first thought last week was for the children, then their parents, and then the horror that must have been felt by the staff. Horrible, horrible event...



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We have one, but it is not posted online for security purposes. That makes sense, I guess, to avoid the "bad guys" from knowing what we are going to do.