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I'm in the process of finishing my prereqs for nursing this fall. Once my classes are complete, I will be applying to Capital cc and Naugatuck cc. Have any of you gone to either one of these schools?? Do you know anything about their admissions process? I know that naugatuck requires you to pass the NLN before you can apply to the nursing program. Any advice/ tips about the NLN? Although I have taken the time to research each of these programs on my own, it's always best to get feedback from former/current students. Thank you guys!! I wish you all the best:)

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I went to Capital Community college. I didn't have to take a preadmission test or wait. Capital is notorious for having at least a two year waiting list though. I loved capital. Very organized, nice and knowlegable instructors, and evening clinicals. I would go there in a heart beat!

Check in the archives under connecticut nurse forum for info about Naugatuck (it is a tough program).



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Thanks so much for taking the time to respond to my post:) Yeah, I have heard really good things about Capital's nursing program. I went up to Capital to meet with the program director just last month. I was very impressed with the school and everyone was so helpful. I went up to Naugatuck but I wasn't that impressed. So, I will definitely apply to Capital this fall, even if I have to wait awhile to get in. I'm glad you had a such a great experience there:) I wish you the best. Thanks again!

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