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If the college I graduated from is not fully accredited how does that affect my future job or anything else. I plan on attending KEISER in Ft lauderdale but it is only programatic accredited what ever that mean and the only one that is fully accredited is in Melbourne which I can get to. Can you PLEASE HELP!!!!


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when looking for a school, normally you want to notice if they are accredited by the nlnac. if they are not, any credits that you complete at this particular school will not transfer to any other school. i'm not to sure about the job prospect but, i think i have read that people are able to find jobs after graduating from a non-accredited school. so the question is, do you plan on continuing your education further? do you want a masters/ph.d someday? if you do, look else where for a school.

good luck!!


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Thank you that has helped alot

You can also check for the state board of nursing. The state board of nursing has a list of schools they do not recognize. If your school is not in that list in the specific state you are going to work, it means you can work in that state. Good luck on your study!

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