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I'm a 27 year old single mother and I am looking for scholorships to help me for school. Does anybody know of any? I have a very low income and i'm in need of assistance.

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Fill out the fafsa. I get a free ride through my school because we are a one income family, 2 kids, and I'm a nontraditional student. Often times your advisor will know of local scholarships you could apply for.


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The first step would be to fill out the Federal Student the following web link Home - FAFSA on the Web-Federal Student Aid. After following all instructions for completing the application, the gov. will determine what you will qualify for; pell grant (which is a sum of money that you would not be responsible to re-pay), Subsidized and Un-subsidized Stafford loans, and others. When you do this you must know and have the school codes to what ever college or university you will be attending. Most of this information will be explained on the FAFSA website and you may also talk with financial counselors at the college you are attending. Many schools have scholarships available you may qualify for, and may also be able to direct you to other sources Another place to look is within your your local city hall and ask about scholarships that may be available to you. Try, this is a website where you specifically put information in about yourself, and they send you many available scholarships that you may qualify for. This route will take some time and work on your part, but may well be worth it. You can also try using the search engines; Google or bing..... Then type in scholarships in (whatever state you live in) for single working moms....and see what pops up. When searching on the web I know there are many women's organizations that have resources and funds available to single moms returning or just going back to school...try your search that way as well Good luck to you! I hope I have helped in some way! Have a happy new year! My wish to you....."I Hope Lots of GREEN will come your way".


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Check with your school for available scholarships - I wrote an essay for one about my career goals and the progress I've made despite being a teen mom (I was pregnant at 19, my son is now 7 and I have a 5 year old), and I won a $1,000 scholarship. The Rotary Club in our city also offered $1,000 scholarships, and I submitted transcripts and a short personal statement, and I also won $1,000 from that organization. It's helped a lot, and I won't have to pay anything for next semester when I'll take BIO 180, Psychology, Sociology and Microbiology.