Scholarship question


Hello all!

I just received a congratulatory letter notifying me that I've won the $1000 scholarship I applied for! The only thing is, when I filled out the application form I was attending the local university and now I'm switching to a community college to save money. Do I tell the scholarship committee? Or do I just write over the university and write in the community college on the school verification form?

I don't know what to do here :(

What do I do??


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Call whoever is giving it to you. Mine are given through my college, so if I switched I wouldn't get them. Good luck. I'm sure they need to know the right school to send it to.

Good question. I would contact the scholarship committee. I would think that depending on the scholarship, it will either matter a lot, or not at all. Some scholarships are dependent on you attending that specific school. Other scholarships are more generalized and will "follow" you wherever you go. Really depends on the scholarship itself.