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I have an apt on Wednesday to scedule my classes for the fall. I am planning on taking AP 1, Psych, Soc, & Written Comm.(about 14 Cr hours.) I start my clinicals in Jan. If I dont pass my Algebra CPT in July, then I have to fit in a math class. I have 4 kids and a hubby at home. I am currently studying to clep out on my written fundamentls also in July. then in the fall I have to test out of the skills portion. I was sitting here trying to study for the tests next monts and already feel overloaded lol. Was just wondering if anyone else feel like this. I can't really drop classes, I have to graduate asap. My husband can really use the help (financiallyOh and I applied for a part time job at a local hosp. (one night a week and everyother weekend.

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Only you can decide at what point you are maxed out on time. I made it through the LVN program by getting up to study at 4:30am. Had a 3 & 4 yr. old with a hubby who was always gone because he's in the Navy. I was tired all the time...about once a month I would fall CRASH at 7 p.m. and sleep soundly until the next morning. Now I'm in school for my RN, working 24 hrs/week, and trying to balance the family.

Most importantly, find quality time for your family and YOURSELF. If you overextend yourself too much not only will your grades suffer, but your family will too. All the best to you!



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I am right in there with you, although my son is 17 and just moved in with his father(like I worry less, I have started back to RN nursing school and found myself unemployed and a student after 13 years of working. I gave up a job of substantial income to do what I have always wanted (and waited for). I am halfway through a 4 week anatomy class that has left me with an ulcer and my family thinks I have moved to another state because I never see them. I am worried about my finances and whether my life will ever be back to normal again. I can only say that I try to keep my eyes on the prize! I will finally reach my goal although I may be broke/in debt and divorced (again!!), I will have completed my education and I will catch up on my sleep when I go to bed a nurse. Good luck and stay focused, everyone feels overwhelmed at some point or another, I know I do. God's speed in your journey.


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I go today to schedule my classes, and I got my job offer yesterday. Cross the fingers hoping all will work out & the family won't forget me!!!


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:nurse: When you start all these classes you will be very busy. I also did many hours like you. I had a hard time being a full time student, full time mom and wife. Just don't forget about you. I really don't understand how you do clinicals, What level are you in? Good luck to you.


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I am a transfer student. I completed all but 1 month of LPN school. I was given credit & I am testing out of a few things. Next semester I should be able tgo clinicals as long as I pass the fundamental test Iam taking next month.

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