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Scared 100%!!

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Which of these is harder?

  1. 1. Which of these is harder?

    • Micro
    • Med Surg 1
    • Both of these

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Hi guys!! i am done with my 1st semester of NS. I took Pharm, Fundamentals, and A&PII. i Pulled Bs in these. Which is the lowest grade i can get in my school. it was hard. When i go back to school i will be taking: Med Surg 1, Microbiology, and Math medical Dosage. I will taking a test of dosage calculations and I must get a 90 to pass it. I am scared.. Can anyone give me tips to pass these classes? It was hard to figure it out on my own last semester. How can I prepare for them before going to school?

PS I AM really bad at math...

-Thank you guys!

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I haven't taken MedSurg yet but I have taken Micro and Math Med Dosage. The one thing that helped me in Micro was going to see a tutor. I lived in our tutoring center and passed with a B (1 point from an A, dang it!) If your school has one, I would highly reccomend it. As far as the math goes, I am in the same boat as you in the respect that I am horrible at it but I passed with an A. The biggest thing for that class is repetition. Keep doing the problems over and over again. The more you do, the better off you will be.

Hope this helps somewhat and good luck to you!! :)

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I was petrified of microbiology and it ended up being one of my favorite classes. Med surg can be a hard class for some people there is some memorization involved and a lot of nursing process involved. What I did in med surg was I always read ahead of class, taped the lecture, rewrote notes, and used some NCLEX study books to help me get used to the questions I might get on a test. If I did not understand something I would google it from reputable websites and having another source explain it helped. Youtube has some amazing videos on diabetes, hypertension, etc that helps. Math and I also are not friends it takes me longer to get it than other classmates but I have never had problems passing med math tests. There are some good websites out there that are helpful. Some of my classmates also have math for dumbies books that they swear by. Just remember that everyone does math differently and uses a different way to solve the problem find a way that works for you and stick to it. Best wishes next semester!

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