Scared and sad looking for a new grad nurse

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I know that you have to be aggressive and go out there and show your face. I just moved to South Carolina, where I thought I would be able to find a job with no problem. I can not find anything. I have 10 years medical experience from everything starting to Home Health Aide to Clinical Technician. I have traveled as an Electronic Medical Record converter all over the US and have worked for places such as Yale University and the famous Cleveland Clinic. I still cannot get into anywhere. I have pulled out the phone book and started calling doctor offices, I applied to every hospital system. I am losing hope. I have a 4 year old and a family to take care of. I am the breadmaker here and I feel like I picked the wrong career. I have tried to go to places to let them see my face but half of them all want you to go "online". I just moved here so even though I can look on the map and look in the phone book, traveling to places to have people see me face to face is something else and a lot of money and time that I do not always have. I am running out of my savings money and I do not have much child care. I have worked so hard that I think I worked myself backward.I know it will eventually happen, but what do I have to lose before that happens? Anybody got more than just advice, I need a miracle

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You're not alone, if that's any consolation. Unfortunately, the job market has been tough for new grads since 2008. Did you research the area prior to moving? Do you have friends or contacts anywhere that can assist your search? Often, it's who you know.

Apply for as many jobs as possible and check out the area for job fairs. Hopefully, you will find something soon. Be prepared that you may need to relocate, but don't move again unless you have a firm offer.