Scared new LPN about first job


:)I recently graduated from an LPN program and I'm currently waiting to take my NCLEX. I have a job lined up at a long term care facility, the lady who interviewed me said I will have about 30 patients to take care of everyday.(I will be working nights or weekends) I am wondering what my responsibilities as an LPN at a nursing and rehab center will be. I'm just looking for a sort of play by play of what I will be responsible for doing every shift. Any and all advice will be VERY appreciated. Thanks!:)


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Its not as hard as it sounds. those 30 patients are usually not very complaintive. the CNA's will answer the call lights and help out most of the time. realistically, you are responsible for the meds (which you will get used to very fast) the treatments (dressing changes, cream on buttocks) and very annoying paperwork. it is not too demanding, at least not where i worked. only the lazy nurses complain at my place of employment. plus they are the ones who gossip. stay out of the drama and get your job done, be safe, polite, and i promise you will do just fine!!!