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Scared to go back


I would like some advice from you veteran (or newbie) ICU nurses. I moved to my current hospital into an ICU position, and felt like things were going fine. I had some arguments with my preceptor, who had only been a nurse for a year (like me) but we seemed to get along by the end of our time together. Then, when they rotated me to nights, they put me with a nurse who had been rude to me since I started there. She found fault with everything that I did and was very mean. If I was on time and had even given a bath, it was 'Why didn't you warm that lotion?' and things like that. After 2 nights of this, and having never worked nights and being exhausted, I told them I wanted to move out to the stepdown unit. I have regretted it ever since that I let her push me out, and several nurses came to me and told me I had been doing a good job and shouldn't have quit, that she was just a B***th. Now, I would like to move back into a unit (at another one of our hospitals) but am afraid that the same thing will happen again. Do you have any advice to make sure that it won't, or anything you suggest I could do?

Thanks a lot!

Unfortunately some people walk around with an attitude all the time. If you call them on it sometimes they back down. I think you'll be fine, but you have to grow some thicker skin. This will come with time.

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