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Here's my story..I work in LTC, and I'm a float on 6 different floors. 10 days ago I worked on a floor that had a lady with scabies..needless to say i have been itching since. She has a tube her meds and feedings. She had already finished her first treatment and was starting her 2nd that day. Anyone know how contagious these buggies are after 1 treaTment??



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Scabies are not very contagious after first treatment - first treatment is usually considered curative unless some special circumstance like Norwegian scabies. However, linens can be a vector of transmission if not properly cleaned. Also, incubation period is typically 4 to 6 weeks, so itching at ten days is not typical. Since you are a floater, however, you need to consider the other people you come in contact with and should have any rashes evaluated by your primary care.

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We cannot offer medical advice as per the Terms of Service......however the CDC has good information and can answer your questions....CDC - Scabies

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