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My husband and I are considering moving to Savannah in the next 6 mo. It's one choice among a couple other cities. I would like to continue working in a NICU, preferably Level IIIc. Other than Memorial, are there any other NICU's nearby? Can you give me an idea of what the pay is like? Cost of living? Also, we were looking at living in Richmond Hill. Is that a really long drive? Thanks so much!


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I work at Memorial, so I don't really know much about St. Joseph's/Candler. I do know that our Peds department is HUGE and we have several different intensive and intermediate care units. I haven't been to the other hospitals since clinicals in nursing school, and all I remember of the Peds department I went to at SJC was that it was, 8 beds total. I don't remember much about any sort of PICU or NICU...doesn't mean that hasn't changed in the last few years, though! Also, as we are the only level 1 trauma center in the region, I doubt any of the smaller facilities have much of a NICU.

I live in Savannah, and don't really go to the outlying areas (like Richmond Hill) much. One of the most popular areas to live directly outside of Savannah is called Pooler, GA - this is probably where the most new growth is and it's about 10 - 15 minutes from the city.

Pay isn't bad, but it isn't great. New grads can expect to start at around $23 / hr, I think? Maybe? Cost of living isn't too bad, you can get a fairly large, new home outside of the city for $125,000 - 250,000, and can expect to pay at least that in the city.



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As far as I know, Backus Children's Hospital at Memorial University Medical Center is the only facility in the region with a Level III NICN.

I live in Hinesville and commute to Savannah, but go through Richmond Hill, which is only about a 10-15 min drive to 204/Abercorn Street (the main street in Savannah) or about 20 miles from Savannah. Homes are fairly inexpensive, Richmond Hill does have a good school system and some nice new subdivisions.

Cost of living isn't bad at all. It is very possible to make a living here.

After speaking to some friends who are new grads, they have started out around $23 and up (idk if you are a new grad or not). Memorial also has a residency program (not just for new grads)!

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I'm still in NS but I live a little south of Savannah (Darien) and I love Richmond Hill. It's a small enough town, but still close to the city. Neecy is right about the drive time and the school system. We are actually thinking about moving to RH ourselves. Hope to meet ya someday. :)

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