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I am planning to move to the Savannah area around the end of next June/early July. I am graduating from nursing school at that same time. I'm seeing a lot of posts that finding GN positions or new RN positions is appearing difficult-- is this something that is occurring statewide? Is there hope for me when I come down there? I have family there and have had my heart set on getting out of Pennsylvania ASAP after school. Just curious what the job market is like there.


Can anyone help with this?

I am a new grad RN currently living in Savannah. I moved here from TN to be with my husband. It has been near impossible to find a job here. St Joseph's and Memorial are hopeless. They refuse to even consider anyone without a years experience. They have residency programs, but they don't even have the decency of informing you if you did not get accepted. There are a few smaller hospitals, but still no luck anywhere.

Blah, that's not reassuring :sniff: I'll keep my fingers crossed for the both of us! Thanks for the post!

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During clinicals pay close attention to what interests you. I know it may be early on in your nursing career to know what you may what to specialize in, but in terms of getting a leg up on the competition you could look into getting some certifications after you have passed your boards. For example if you enjoy your L&D clinicals, look into NRP or ACLS certifications. This doesn't mean you will pigeon hole yourself into that specialty and not be able to move around, it just gives you a bit more to offer your employer.

Thank you!!! I am extremely interested in critical care, and thankfully, at the end of my Acute rotation, my school has us go through ACLS certification. Thanks for the tips!!

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