Saunders NCLEX book


I was wondering if anyone else uses the Saunders book in nursing school to study for exams and ATI or hesi exit exams. It has been a wonderful resource for me. It condenses the material that we learn in class to very useful bullet points and really makes it clear what to be most important things to learn are. It also comes with an online component that has thousands of NCLEX style review questions that I use to study.

I will check boxes off to select what material I want questions on and will basically go through all of the questions available on those topics. Do any of you also use this book? Is it helpful for the NCLEX? It has been extremely helpful like I said for passing my nursing courses so far and I was just wondering if that usefulness extends to the boards.


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Hello there! I purchased my Saunders book about one month ago to prepare for boards. I passed my NCLEX with only 75 questions with this book. I wish I did have this during nursing school. It was a great thought on your part.

My nursing school requires that we all have this book, and thank god we do. This book has been super helpful!


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Saunders is literally the best content review book you can have! I would encourage any NS student to get before even starting clinicals.


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I just purchased my Saunders NCLEX book recently so I cannot speak to whether or not it is a good resource. However, our cohort received the ATI books at the beginning of the year and they are hands down my prized study resources. It gives you a super quick and thorough rundown of the basics of the conditions, manifestations, interdisciplinary care, etc. They also have NCLEX style questions at the end of each chapter. I use them as refreshers for cumulative exams and they have never let me down.


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I love the Saunders NCLEX book! I actually just reviewed it on my nursing school youtube channel! I highly recommend it to anyone that has yet to purchase it! It seriously helped me on all of my exams last semester!