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Santa Fe College ASN SPring 2018

I put in my application last week. I had 56 total. (41 points from my last application + 5 for my second app and 10 for my EMT recertification) I feel pretty confident, but you never know what will happen. What is everyone's point totals? I'm so excited and nervous for next month.

Hey MermaidEMT,

Congrats on getting 56 points! From the previous threads, that seems to be a really competitive score, especially for spring. I've read that 51 is usually the lowest that you can get so you're definitely going to do well. I have a total of 51. Unfortunately, my medical experience as a surgical technologist doesn't count for anything. If I don't get in this semester, I may look at applying to the accelerated BSN program at UF and put my previous BA from UF to good use. Hopefully, we won't have to wait too long after the deadline. Best of luck!

I am also applying with 56 points! I just finished a CNA class and if I am able to take the state exam before September 10th I will have 66 points! After being waitlisted for the UF Traditional BSN Program this fall, I have done everything I can to have a good chance of getting in the Santa Fe Program. But good luck to everyone applying :) I am super excited!

I just applied for the Spring 2018 ASN program as well but with only 36 points. I saw that because of the hurricane they extended to application deadline to the 20th so now we have EVEN LONGER to wait on acceptance/denial notifications.

Did they tell you when they would be sending out decisions?

Thanks for creating this thread. First time applying and I only has 43 points. I am not expecting to get an acceptance letter this go around. Hopefully this spring I will have time to complete the CNA course and apply fall 2018 with 58 points! Good luck to everyone!

@MermaidEMT When I turned in my application she said it would be 7 to 10 business days for decisions to be sent. But I'm not sure if extending the application deadline will change that or not.

Hello everyone! I applied as well with 58 points, this is my second time! First time, I had 38 points. I just called Santa Fe & we should know by the first week of October! Good luck to everyone!! Hope we all start in Spring :)

I have 56 points and, as it's creeping up to the updated send out date I'm freaking out!! I'm losing sleep because of this!

I didn't get in for Fall 2017 because I had 46 points with the cut off number of 51..

Seeing everyone here with high point scores is not helping the panic! :( :(

I do think 56 points should be well above the cutoff. That's not to say I'm not super anxious! I just want to know already!

I've heard that they take people from the top of the point pool, and then some scattered throughout for diversity. Has anyone else heard that too? Its my hopeful thinking!

I've heard other people speculate that on here before, but Scott Forner explained to me that it's the top 80 something people that get accepted.

this waiting game is killing me!

I know! I keep looking at the calender like I'm gonna change the fact that it's Sunday. I hope they send them out tomorrow. Their site says the 2nd-6th. Ughh

Which site says 2nd-6th?

It's on their website, there is a notification date page.

Ahhh. The Facebook page just put out that they will be electronically distributed October 2 - 5th for the RN and the RN bridge programs. Why sooo many days?

ugh right?! If I open my email account anymore time in one day I'm going to get flagged by Gmail as suspicious activity lol.

Has anyone heard anything yet? I jump every time my phone goes off.


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