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San Jose???


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I am a nurse with 5 years exp. My husband is possibly moving the family to the area. How is life there? We are coming from a very leisurely lifestyle in Florida. For nursing is there mandatory OT like there used to be? I know the pay is infinitely better but the cost of living is much higher as well. How are the hospitals???? How is licensure? Easy???? Florida is not one that is reciprocal with CA. Thanks guys!

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You will make bank if you can get a job. Likely 65/hr or more. Per diem rates can be much higher. There's no mandatory OT, nursing union is strong. I've noticed a lot of places do 8 hour shifts there.

i can tell you rent is astronomical. Even though it was at least 15$/hr more for me than Sacramento, the cost of living is so much higher I decided to live in Sacramento. For a family your rent could easily be 3000/month. Expect a minimum of 2,000 and go up from there.

i have no information on the nursing licensure process, but I'd start it quickly, it probably can take a while.


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Thanks..... He would be getting a job as an engineer in Silicon Valley so I am kind of stuck with the location..... Wondering about UCSF Mission Bay. I know it is a drive. Since this post we have actually rethought where we would live, thinking maybe about Pacifica. We traveled there Sept after I wrote this original post so I am somewhat familiar. We love the area. Not at all looking to live in the city. I just spoke to a travel company who pay for the license so that is great. My daughter graduates HS this May so this summer is the time we are planning the move if, IF it happens.... If anyone knows anything about UCSF Benioff/ Mission Bay hospital- I am a Mother Baby nurse definitely let me know about that..... I currently work for a large high risk hospital in Orlando specializing in only Mothers and Babies so it seems like a great fit for me.