Samuel Merritt MSN-FNP Summer 2024

U.S.A. California


Specializes in ER Travel RN.


I wanted to start this discussion thread for those who applied to Samuel Merritt's MSN-FNP Summer 2024 cohort. I just turned in my application a couple days ago and now waiting for decisions to be sent out. Looking to meet/connect with other applicants! ?

Hi there! I applied as well. I haven't heard anything back as of yet. I applied earlier this month and they accepted my application for Summer 2024 (May). I am anxiously awaiting the email with the next steps, which I'm assuming is an interview. 

Specializes in Certified Medical Assistant.

Hi everyone,

I was searching for the most current ELMSN-FNP forum for Samuel Merritt and I just wanted to ask how the interview process was. Was it on Zoom or a phone call? Was it a long interview? How did you prepare for your interview? I just want a general idea beforehand!
I was also wondering if anyone was able to attend the Nursing Seminar Success Seminar? If so, how was that? Is it an in-person seminar and how long was it? Did you find it beneficial to decide you wanted to attend Samuel Merritt?

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