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Samuel Merritt ABSN summer 2017 San Mateo

Hey guys!!! I am currently waitlisted for USF's MSN-CNL spring 2017 cohort, so I am getting everything ready to apply for SMU's ABSN for the summer 2017 start at San Mateo! Who else out there is applying?? I plan on taking patho and pharm at SMU this spring online. Additionally, I am taking the hesi next week. If anyone has any tips on that exam it would be much appreciated! I am also applying to the Entry Level MSN-case management program at SMU in Oakland to start Fall 2017, and will reapply to USF's program for summer 2017 if I don't make it off the waitlist this round.

Hi! I also applied for the San Mateo cohort! I noticed no one else responded to this post lol Does that mean not a lot of people applied? I noticed that according to NursingCas, the deadline got extended!

Hi Finnieng I applied to ABSN Summer 2017 San Mateo Cohort. I've been looking on this website everyday for a post for this program.


I am new on all nurses and would like to know where this thread was to?

Hey! I also applied for the summer cohort in san mateo. I haven't heard anything yet. I called and was told that decisions are still being sent out. On the SMU website it shows that registration starts march 6th for the April cohort... ahhhh

Hi Britt! Did you apply to the April cohort? I applied to the June cohort. I am so nervous/excited/ anxious about it. I am assuming you are feeling the same!?!

Hi also applied to the June San Mateo Cohort. I get wait to hear back hopefully they contact us soon.

I also applied to the June cohort, but still have not heard anything yet. I applied to their FNP program and already had my interview. So, hopefully they will be sending out acceptance letters soon.

It was great. It was very different all group based collaboration working on issues and debate. No personal direct questions.

That's great! The cm one is so different. It's a one on one and they ask you personal questions and go through your app/transcripts. I'm super nervous but excited!! When did they say you guys will find out if you got in?


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