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Samuel Merritt Absn spring 2015 San Mateo


Hi. So I submitted my application yesterday for the spring 2015 absn program at the San Mateo campus. Who else has applied?

I did! :) is this ur first time applying?

Second. Unfortunately, I didn't get in for the summer term. How about you?

I also applied for the San Mateo spring 2015 term. It is my first time applying and I'm anxious to find out about admissions decisions! I recently did a tour of the San Mateo campus and facilities. It was very small but great campus regardless.

Were you able to find out why you didn't get In the first time? High number of applicants? Or how to strengthen your application?

I just got a generic email about too many applicants, etc. nothing specific

Hello all! It is my first time applying as well. One more month and a couple of weeks of waiting!

Judging from the activity on the thread, seems like not a lot of people applied. Only a little time left till we find out guys. I'm so anxious.

TronJames4, BSN

Has 5 years experience.

Hello! I applied as well and I am very excited to hear back in September. Trying not to get too nervous.

Hi all!

Definitely nervous as well. I have 2 kids so this is going to be a crazy year if I get in. Did you guys feel pretty confident about your application stats? Mine are pretty decent but I only have a 3.5 science GPA and that's making me nervous. Also, my healthcare experience is mainly administrative. I wish more people would jump on this board and join us in our anxiety :)

Good luck to everyone!

Hi everyone,

Just like all of you I applied to the ABSN program but I put San Mateo as my 2nd choice. Just wanted to let all of you know that I received an email this morning from an admissions counselor staying my application passed the admissions review and was sent to the nursing department. I'm getting even more nervous now.

Good luck everyone!

How many In progress classes did everyone have? I had two..pharm and patho which I completed just two weeks ago with a 4.0 and was unable to add it to my application. Too bad :no:

I'm so nervous! Can't wait to hear about admissions decisions!

I had four: pharmacology, pathophysiology, physiology, and nutrition. I think it should be fine as long as you have them finished before January.

TronJames4, BSN

Has 5 years experience.

I had pharmacology, pathophysiology and physiology in progress. I'm thinking about submitting the application for the summer term that was advised in an e-mail for those with changes to their application with more of my completed grades just in case.

Good luck to everyone! I also applied, I will go to any campus...I just want IN! I also got an email saying that my application was passed to the nursing review. I am currently taking my last two pre-reqs, Pharm & Comm studies. I am so so nervous. I wrote today and asked when we can expect to hear back because I have seen the 11th and the 19th on two different pages, and to be honest I am crawling out of my skin not knowing. My TEAS score were not very good, I absolutely loathe math-then you put a clock in front of me & I start to sweat bullets. Other than that though, I feel ok. I know quite a few people who have graduated from the program & loved it.

Crossing my fingers for all of us!

I got that email as well. Made my stomach drop. I feel like time is moving so slow.

Hey @terankin. Did you get a reply to when the decisions will be going out?

The email that I got says decisions will be out on the 19th.