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Sam Houston State University Nursing Spring 2017

Hi everyone, I am applying for SHSUs Nursing Program for the Spring 2017 semester. I wanted to know the TEAS scores and avg gpa. I am really nervous and not really sure which campus to apply to.


Hey! I am also applying to the spring 2017 semester. My GPA is a 3.86 and 80 on the TEAS. Have you applied/looked at the application yet?????????

The application is very simple! It's just a page long and it asks what courses you will be taking next semester. Are you a transfer student or are you a student at SHSU?

Have you taken any classes at Sam or have a degree? That will give you a boost

I applied and now I am waiting too. I have applied at 3 schools right now. UTMB, SHSU and Texas Tech. I currently go to TXTECH. Tech is SUPER competitive due to the medical school being there too.

I'm applying for the Spring 2017 too, I'm taking the TEAS this 26th. My current GPA is 3.87. Have anyone take the TEAS it yet? I'm so nervous about the test.

Don't be nervous!! As long as you have studied some you should be fine. I studied for only a week due to my own fault of pushing it off, but I still managed an 80. It's very similar to the teas study guide.

I am currently enrolled for 3 courses at Sam this fall so hopefully that'll help some. I got a 80 on the TEAS as well and my GPA is right around a 3.84. I applied for the Woodlands campus.. so anxious! And still a month or two away from knowing!

I'm super nervous too. The TEAS wasn't terrible, I scored an 84.6, I'm nervous about my GPA thought @ 3.4

Also applying for Spring 2017 semester to SHSU. 3.73 nursing gpa and 78 on the TEAS V. Very nervous, don't know if my grades and scores are competitive enough.

What campus did you apply to?

I applied for the main campus but didn't realize the woodlands would be easier to get into. I wish I could've applied for both because it really doesn't matter to me which one I go too.

Hey guys! Just wanted to let you all know that I just got my acceptance email into SHSUs Nursing program :)

I got my acceptance letter in my e-mail for the Huntsville campus today!!! Good luck to everyone else who had applied!!!

I also got my acceptance letter for huntsville!!!!!!! IM SO EXCITED!!!!! See you guys at orientation!!!!!!!

Did you get extra points for being a SHSU student or having your CNA?

Think I might have gotten extra points for being a SHSU student

Does anyone think they are through handing out acceptances?

I have heard that they send out the first batch of acceptance letters and then send the other ones out like a week later

On Sam Houston's nursing site I have 3.71 nursing prerequisites gpa and a 3.57 overall gpa. I made a 78 on the teas and I did NOT make it in to the spring 2017 program for the main campus. I also was not a student at shsu. For people in the future looking at this wondering what it takes to get in. There were 200 applicants and 60 spots. Congratulations to everyone that did! I hope to join you in the fall.


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