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Salem State Fall 2011


Hi all!

I have applied to the Salem State traditional BSN program for the fall of 2011. I would love to hear from anyone who has attended the program or anyone else who is also applying for the program! Any input would be great. Thanks!!!

Selene006, BSN, LPN

Has 10 years experience.

I am a senior at Salem State and will be graduating in May 2011. I don't live on campus so I'm not sure about campus life, but the overall curriculum is pretty standard with HESI exams at the end of each course. I know that incoming Nursing Students this fall have been hit with adjustments in the curriculum and a likely increase in the minimum grade level to pass each course. In my opinion, each student can give you a night-and-day perspective about Salem U's nursing program because the nursing classes are so big and students end up going to many different clinical sites. The Med-Surg class I was in last year had well over 100 students so we were split into 2 groups for the theory component. Clinical rotations are mixed in with lecture days so time managment is important, especially if you have a full-time job.

I hope you get accepted!

Hey thanks for the response!

haha I hope I get accepted too! eeek! I should be finding out soon hopefully. I sent in my application at the beginning of Oct. The waiting is killing me!

This is going to be my second degree; I already have a Bachelor of science, so I'm really just curious about the nursing program. I would also be a commuter student anyways and would probably work full time, so the campus life doesn't really concern me.

Now that you are almost done with the program, what has been your overall opinion of the program? How are the instructors?? What about your other clinical experiences? haha sorry for all of the questions, but I don't know too much about the program itself. I know a bit about the school, as I applied there for my first degree, but I have never talked to anyone in the nursing program. I would also be taking only the nursing classes and maybe a few science classes.

Thanks for your response and good luck with the end of your semester!

Selene006, BSN, LPN

Has 10 years experience.

Overall, the program is...a nursing program. :D Sometimes the curriculum can be challenging, but it takes time to learn new material and apply it. Nursing school just allows you to get your feet wet--the rest of your knowledge, skills, and experience is acquired through on-the-job navigation.

My class is the last class to endure the traditional 6 week classes with 6 week rotations. Instead of small-group rotations (one instructor to 5-8 students), there will be individualized preceptorships...not sure how that's going to work, but that's what I was told by one of my instructors.

My clinical rotations have all been diverse! Some instructors attempt to intimidate you (have witnessed multiple students cry during clinical), and others challenge you using positive reinforcement. I'm not done with the program yet so I still have yet to see what the upcoming clinical instructors will be like.

Either way, there's alot of material to cover in a short time. Pre-read info before class and be prepared to be put on the spot. Time management is your best friend!

Thanks for your input! I really appreciate the response. I won't be finding out until March! eeeek :/

SailorVee93, CNA

Specializes in Psych; Med/Surg. Has 6 years experience.

Does anyone have any info on Salem State's nursing program? I've tried the website, but I can't really find much there.