Whats the highest paid salary you've seen for a new-5 year experience CRNA? Do you all think the market will bring down the salaries soon when it becomes saturated with MDAs and CRNAs? or will it ever be saturated?


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$235,000. No the salaries will not go down, but if the market becomes saturated the salaries will become stagnant until the next shortage.


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What area is that salary from?J\W I don't think the market will become saturated anytime soon b\c the "Baby boomers" are getting older and the number of cases are rising monthly.



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It was in Virginia, job taken quickly.


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Awesome site, glad that I found it...I came upon an article written by Deborah A. Chambers, the President of the AANA. In the article, she states that the average age of a practicing CRNA is between 45-49 years of age, with those over 45 comprising 60% of the total workforce. About 38% of this active CRNA workforce will be eligible for retirement in the next 5 years, aggravating the current shortage of nurse anesthetists.

It was an article she wrote trying to get more funding for Anesthetist programs I was pretty interesting.

I don't see this field becoming saturated anytime soon, and with the baby-boomers getting older, I would think that there would be an even greater need for CRNA' least that is what I am hoping.

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