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Salaries in Houston (NOT a new grad)

Cmk258 Cmk258 (New) New

I am an RN with a BSN. My experience is 3 months of orientation in critical care at one of the largest hospitals in TMC (resigned, as critical care was not for me) followed by 1 year, 1 month of inpatient non-critical care at a Level I Trauma Center/ teaching facility elsewhere in TX (essentially the equivalent of Ben Taub). I am looking to return home to Houston but I am not sure at this point what hourly rate to request on job applications. I would love to work in TMC again. Am I likely to get hired there given my level of experience or do I need to spend more time here first? Also, I have been advised not to include jobs that lasted less than one year (such as my first job) on a resume but plan to include it on the application for background check purposes. I feel that mentioning the first job in an interview would really hurt me- opinions? Any input is appreciated- thanks!


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