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Saint Louis, MO Agency

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

I just joined and have a question after reading several comments. I have found an agency I believe I would like to work for because they staff a couple of hospitals I would like to do PRN with however I was hoping to see if anyone knows anything about them...can I say the name of the agency? is that allowed?

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Are you a credible source? Add your Credentials, Experience, etc.

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If you do any amount of searching on this site (agency, travel, home health forums) you will find plenty of posts with just that question. What is not allowed in the TOS is the posting of specific recruiter's names, contacts. Please, when soliciting opinions, remember that one person's experiences, good or bad, may not necessarily reflect what you encounter with the same office of that agency. Most of us compare and contrast agencies and employers to get general ideas about how they are. Good luck with your decision. Hope you can find somebody who has actually worked with that particular office so you can get some first hand opinions.

Oh, and welcome to allnurses!

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