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Saint Francis Hospital Nurse Technician Training Program?

by nickknamee nickknamee (New) New

Does anyone know anything about this Tulsa program? I am really interested in the medical field and think this would be a good way to start. I've heard about Interim and Wings, but they're both a little expensive for me right now. I'm expecting a child in December so I really need to get a good job SOON, and nursing is what I want to do.

Any opinions? Please and thanks!!!

I don't live in Tulsa...but if I remember correctly I read on here from an employee at St Francis who took that route that the required committment afterwards was like 6 months. Again, thats from my memory so don't quote me on that! I think theres also a OSU med center there that offers a free CNA program for the same work committment. HTH PS, congrats on the baby!

I've had a couple buddies do the SFH tech program. One of them is still there a year later the other got another job within 2 months, there was no penalty. They do a very good training to prepare somebody as a PCT and will find you a job within their system. They do tell everyone while in the class that there might not be any open positions when they finish, but I think that is a method to let the people who aren't working out start to look for other options. So, go apply! Good luck.

I use to work there a few years ago and went through their program. Unless it has changed it is basically an in-house training program for their hospital specifically. you don't get certified to be a cna or pct. Again this is when I worked there back in 2008. In the interview you tell them your top 3 areas you want to work in like mother baby, med-surg, ICU ect... and they try to get you in there, but they also staff on the needs of the hospital. It is a good thing to do especially if you think nursing is what you want to do. you will know if you want to do it or not! I was paid while in training as well. I say go for it! St. Fran also has scholarships for RN programs that requires 6 month commitment for every semester funded. You don't have to be currently employed to apply for it either.