SAFE STAFFING - what can be done?

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this is just one example......

"Safe Staffing Legislation Introduced:

The New York State Nurses Association's proposed safe staffing legislation has been introduced in the New York Senate by Senate Health Committee Chair, Kemp Hannon. (S. 4779) The bill would direct the Department of Health to establish a formula that healthcare facilities within the state must apply to determine appropriate staffing levels.

This legislation will identify the components of safe staffing (including patient acuity, census, preparation of

the nursing staff, type of facility) that are necessary to be evaluated and factored in determining an appropriate staffing level........

This legislation requires that staffing determinations result, in part, from the recommendations of those that are on the frontline of the delivery system, the nurses at the bedside.

The legislation requires each facility to establish a committee representing direct care nurses to collaborate with facility management to implement the staffing plan. The statewide formula will be flexible enough to reflect the different characteristics of patients,

personnel and facilities across the state..........

*** Facilities found not to be in compliance would face stiff penalties as well as public disclosure that the facility failed to meet safe staffing standards ***.........

Assembly Health Committee Chair Richard Gottfried is set to introduce his version of this legislation in the coming weeks........"

NYSNA urges all members, all New York nurses and all New Yorkers who care about the quality of care in their hospitals to contact their State Senator and ask them to support Bill S.4779.

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