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Saddleback Nursing Program Spring 2015

MiaLove MiaLove (New) New

Hello All,

i just submitted my application to Saddleback College for Fall 2015 semester. I'm looking to connect with other students who might be applying now too. Let's exchange some useful information and tips to make our "wait" a little more fun!

How many points are you applying with? Is this your first time applying? Are you interested in the Bridge Program for the BSN?

Can't wait to meet everyone!

I also applied for spring. I'm way nervous cause I only had 70 points so I feel like it could really go either way! This is the first and only school I have applied to so far as more application periods open I plan to apply to Santa Ana and golden west. I have looked into a lot of rn to bsn programs and a lot of nurses at the hospital I work at have done UTA, Western Governors, and Grand Canyon university. I know a lot of people like theses cause they are all online. I have looked into a lot of programs and I think I am going to go with UTA. I need an online program cause I have an 18 month old and a. Having another baby in December so with nursing school I'll already be an absent mom for 2 years I don't want to be away from my kids for any longer! Also, I already have a bachelors so based on what I've seen I won't have to take any GEs or other tedious classes so I am hoping it won't take me too long. I'm really interested to know what other peoples points are or what anyone knows about the points of people who got in for fall. Keeping my fingers crossed! Good luck everyone!!!

Hi! So excited of to hear that your expecting again. Those are some of my best memories in life. You seem to have definitely thought about your next step after the nursing program at SB. Awesome! I will probably opt to attend locally on campus courses for my BSN, as my kids are little older. I think that the online programs would be a good choice for you though.

I believe that your 70 points will guarantee you a spot for Spring 2015. Have you finished the Life Cycles and Pharm? I have 78 points, but I think that most applicants with 69+ will have a good chance for the Spring program.

The wait continues. ..

I did finish pharm and the life cycles so i'm pretty much maxed out on available points unless I take the TEAS again which I wouldn't be able to do until February. But from what I have heard I should be good with 70, let's hope!

Got my acceptance letter today! :) Please share your good news too!

Got mine too!!!! Congrats!!! So excited!!!

I am looking forward to meeting you (ashwomanctr). I returned my acceptance letter today and will attend the October 3rd information session. Hope to see you there.

Thanks! Looking forward to seeing you too!! (MiaLove) I'm going on the 3rd as well. It'll be hard to miss me since I'll be about 31 weeks pregnant by that time! So look for the lady with the big belly!

Hey ladies! I got my acceptance letter today too!! I'll be going to the Oct 3rd session as well! Don't get her confused with me....I'll be 39 weeks pregnant ;) we will both have newborns!!! Ahh we are crazy! But so excited!! :)

Aww, two babies due soon! :) I will look for you too. Is this your first child? Congrats to you.

Aww, two babies due soon! :) I will look for you too. Is this your first child? Congrats to you.

Second!! We have a two year old! I might be crazy for pursing my dream/passion and it would not be possible without the TONS OF help from my husband and family!! Very thankful for their support and encouragement!

It's my second too!!! I have an 18 month old so we'll pretty much be in the same boat. Nice to know I'm not the only one.

Rem2012 and Ashwomanctr it was great to meet you both on Friday. I am excited to start the program! Allison, I will be thinking about you tomorrow as you welcome your new baby into the world. I'd love to know of you are blessed with a boy or girl :) I have so much admiration for you both, as I know that the demands of motherhood are high, yet your tenacity and desire to attain a nursing degree will contribute to your success! Keep on touch. See you in December :)

Yes good luck Allison!!! It was so great to meet both of you excited for orientation in December!