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Sacred Heart Medical Center

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I am considering moving to the PNW and taking a job at Sacred Heart Medical Center. I have 9 years of experience. Can anyone tell me the pay I can expect as a floor nurse based on this experience?

Also, thoughts on Sacred Heart Medical Center and living in Springfield?

Thank you for your time!

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Most people refer to it as Riverbend hospital. I think the base rate for you would be $46.50. This is the last year of the ONA contract so no idea what the raise will be like next year but its been about 3%. Every unit is different but the hospital itself is great. It's new and on a beautiful site. Not that you can normally do it during your shift but you can pick blackberries under 60ft trees along the river. There is the issue with 8 or 12 hr shifts and ancillary staff going on and a lot of turn over in upper management. I moved here 9 months ago as a new grad RN and feel incredible lucky as the staff, manager, and docs on my unit as good as I could ask for.

I think it's a great place to live. When looking into living in the area make sure you include Eugene as the 2 towns are basically 1 city. It's a mostly liberal town with conservative suburbs and rural area. It's an odd mix of city, hippy, and country. Both the mountains and the coast are an hour or less drive away. There is hiking, fishing, biking, kayaking, and running all in town. There are multiple breweries, wineries, and cider places and more diversity in restaurants than you would expect for a town this size. There are also a lot of organic farms and a good farmers market. If you are into sports you can go to UO games. The art scene is decent and the Americana music scene is really good. I haven't been here a full winter so can't comment much on the weather but this summer was amazing. Homelessness is a big issue though it's yet to effect me directly. People like to complain about traffic and housing cost but compared to So Cal or even Portland there is no traffic and you can find housing that is very affordable given RN pay.

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