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SAC nursing school !


hey guys! i was accepted to sac's nursing school ...starting in jan 2010....super excited!

i was just wondering.... does anyone know how to reg for the pharmacology class.. or the medical term class???

i know it says the dates in the e-mail...but does not say where do go to reg... help!

thanks!!! :loveya:

SolaireSolstice, BSN, RN

Specializes in Adult Oncology.

pharmacology is taken in your 2nd semester (or during the break between the semesters, try to take it during summer if you can) the prerequisites are fundamentals and med surg 1. you register for it with your other classes.

or did you mean pharmacology math? that one, and the medical terminology course is through the continuing education dept at sac. go here to see the catalog and the instructions for registering: http://www.accd.edu/sac/ce/class_sched.html

as long as you are a nursing student, you can sign up for most the continuing education classes. this is also where you'll sign up for the optional iv therapy class (to save you time in med sug 2). all of the continuing education classes are optional.