Rutgers vs. Drexel


  1. Which one would you recommend/choose?

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I'm planning on applying to both Rutgers and Drexel ABSN program next year and wonder what your thoughts/perceptions on these two school? I'm not familiar with NJ or Philly area, so I don't know how people look at the programs. Also, if you get to choose between two, which one would you pick?

Drexel (Philadelphia, PA)

Large class size. 11 months (86 credits). High NCLEX rate (High 90s), but brutal HESI exam.

Rutgers (Newark/New Brunswick, NJ)

Small class size. 14 months (62 credits). High NCLEX rate (90s). Will be able to start earlier. (Spring instead of Fall)

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It's no contest imo. Rutgers is a party school, with different adjunct professors every week. Some people are fine in that situation though and love big schools and like the reputation of Rutgers. But Drexel has the better teachers, smaller classes, and imo that makes a better education. Plus Drexel's graduate nursing program far surpasses Rutgers.

I will add that I am pretty biased I guess. I was in a huge high school and I loved when I went to a small university.