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Hi everyone,

I recently transferred from a community college to Rutgers University Arts and sciences. I start Rutgers in a couple weeks. I am taking Anthropology - Art History (humanities) - History course- Nutrition - these are the courses I need for the Nursing program. I have all the others transferred in from the community college . A&P I and II Orgo Chem/Bio chem microbio English and the computer elective. Now the only courses that I need are the ones that I cant take at the CC.

I understand at Rutgers you need 24 credits before you can do a school to school transfer I am taking 12 credits in the fall the ones I listed above and 12 credits in spring. My question is without being a nursing major can I take the following courses

1) Pathophysiology

2)History trends and issues in health care delivery

3)human interactive process

4)Cultural, lifestyle, and health

I plan on taking these courses in the spring semester are these classes open to everyone or just nursing majors. If they are only open to nursing majors how can I still get in those classes. These are the only courses I need and I would be consider a junior and be able to take clinical the following fall if I get into the program.

thanks everyone :)


At my old university I took Pathophysiology and I was only a pre-nursing major. It was a requirement to take before you got accepted into the nursing program. However, I don't know if students had to be "pre-nursing" or undeclared in order to take that class. At my old school the first two years there you took pre-reqs, Pathophysiology was one of them, and then you applied to the nursing program. Well I applied and didn't get into their program.

I transferred to a private college last year and made it into their nursing program. The way this college works, you have to be accepted into their nursing program before you attend the school. You start your clinical classes the spring semester of your freshman year. I am going into my second year of nursing school (taking foundations, pharm, and health assessment; next semester I'll be taking pathophysiology).

So each college is different. It would be best to talk to the nursing chairman and find out how their program and classes work. If there is a pre-req of patho or if you can just take it.

Good Luck.

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