Rush University GEM Spring 2019

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Hello all rush hopefuls!

I've been reading threads for previous Rush cohorts and realized that this would be a good time to start one for this application cycle! I applied to the Rush GEM program and received an invitation to interview in September. (pretty sure they interviews tons of people) Wondering who else is interviewing and whether Rush is their top choice. It seems perfect except for the cost of expensive especially when you add living expenses.

Would love to talk to other prospective students! :)


I applied for the Spring 2019 semester, still waiting on 2 more recommendations. Have yet to receive an interview because of the outstanding Recs

I applied last week with all materials and have received an invite for interviews. The interviews are the week of September 15th around some type of info session. Anyone know how hard it is to get in?

I have heard that the interviews aren't really bad at all...super conversational. But I've also heard that they interview a lot of people so if they interview 150 for 75 spots.. thats a 1/2 chance of getting in haha

A couple interview questions I got from current students are

why you want to be a nurse (of course) and what diversity can you bring to the program


Has anyone heard back regarding application statuses or interviews? I checked the nursingcas application but it just says everything is complete and verified.

Hi! I think they've already sent out interview requests because they are taking place in two weeks- September 15th-18th or something like that!

Hello all! I received my invitation to interview on-campus three days ago. I'm a California resident and given my current circumstances, I may have to opt for the Go To Meeting Interview. Anyone else from California? What other programs are you guys applying to this cycle?

Not from California, but from NY and I will also be scheduling a Go To Meeting Interview.

I have applied to the University of Maryland School of Nursing (CNL).

Hey All!

Just curious @Grateful0893, if you don't mind me asking when was your application considered verified? I'm still waiting to hear back about an interview invite, and wondering if they're still sorting through apps or if they're pretty much done by now.


Hey Guys,

I received an interview invite the same day I sent in my application on 06/28 and signed up for my interview on 08/20. I will be interviewing on the 14th as I am coming from Minnesota and going to first look on the 15th.

Hi @BiancaJot, my application was considered verified on 08/28. I hope you hear back from them soon!

Hi @vlo_30, I just received an email response to my interest in the Go to Meeting interview since I'm in California. I wish I were able to come to the first look on the 15th but I hope you have a great time there!

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