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Are there any of you working on a reservation? Could you tell me more about it if you do? I found out through my school that there is a scholarship for people who are willing to work in health care... Read More

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    For the past five years I have been going to a native american (Lakota) res in South Dakota called Rosebud. The people there are very poor, but open to people coming in to help them. They have a local clinic in Mission, South Dakota and a hospital as well. However, the people have no way to get to the clinics and I notice especially the dental care is very very bad. I see there is a nurse practitioner in Mission who sees patients, but I wish there were some way to transport people. I would contact (on any res) the tribe (because they have the authority on the res). YOu could do this via website, for example, do a search on the internet ex. "Lakota reservations" or whatever tribe you are interested in. HOpe this helps.
    I plan to go to AZ soon and work on one of the Reservations. I would love to go to South Dakota, but unless things have changed you can not get a reciprocal nursing license if you have a Missouri nursing license. However, I did find out that the Reservations in AZ, do not require a temp. AZ license, they let you use your current license no matter what state you are from. Wonder if this Reservation is the same. I am considering making NAI ER work my specialty. By that I mean just take travel assignments to Reservations. In an effort to give back, and help even in a small way.:wink2:
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    I do know here in Canada if you are a regisered staus indian the band will pay for your education but like the army, you have to work on a reservation for a period of time to give back to their community.
    I am a status indian and had my education paid for by the band or reservation, and there are no stipulations as to working on the reservations after graduation. This of course doesn't mean that other reserves don't have that stipulation....but I haven't heard of it. I do know that if you are status indian and work on the reservation or "crown land' then it would be tax free.
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    Indian Health Service is part of the US Public Health Service, which is one of our uniformed services. If you work for them as an officer, then you will receive the same benefits as an Army, Navy, Air Force, etc. nurse would. You can also work as a civilian DoD employee, once again nice benefits.

    Some tribes have their clinics/hospital run by Indian Health Services. Some chose to tribally run them.

    They sometimes do use travelers, because there is no one else available for the position. Some of these clinics/hospitals are in very remote areas and there are not locals available to fill the positions.

    When I was in college there was some sort of grant that involved working at an IHS facility after graduation. I am also aware of a loan repayment program after graduation, but I'm not sure if that is just for officers or civilian employees as well. Indian Health Service has nurse recruiters available to answer your questions. If there is not an ad in any of your current nursing magazines, just google Indian Health Service Nurse Recruiter.
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    First, determine which area... :chuckle ...then do to the blue government pages in the phone book and look up Indian Affairs or whatever its called where you are. They should be able to give you a list of clinics on the reservations.
    It's the Indian Health Service. They can be very generous with money for schooling etc. if they need you.