Finding Rural Nurse Job

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I will be graduating with my Bachelor's in December. I have joined 3RNet, have been in contact with a couple of state recruiters, and applied for several jobs.

    My passion is serving the under served and the less populated areas. The challenge of it excites me.

    What did you do to find your rural nurse job? Anything else I should be doing, or any tips?

    I'm willing to go anywhere and have nothing tying me down.

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  3. by   trutuyu
    Hello, I was a new grad with an associates degree and found a job at a critical access care hospital. Those are very small 20 or less bed hospitals. They are truly "rural nurse jobs" and serve populations that would be without medical care if it wasn't for you and a couple of other medical staff. If you interested pm me and I'll give the run down on how to find out about getting jobs at facilities like this.
  4. by   WandaJones
    Good evening. Was looking to speak to someone about the experience as a rural nurse. if anyone has I will be here tomorrow. Sept 29, 2013. Need the interview for nursing school assignment for Wednesday. Thanks.
  5. by   akindnurse

    Please email me @ and tell me more about rural nursing. Iam very interested in this type of nursing.
  6. by   CamillusRN
    Rural nurse jobs rely on you to wear many different hats. Plan on getting certified in ACLS/PALS/TNCC/ENPC. Having a stomach of iron would be a good asset too, since your facility will be the burn center / trauma center / stroke center / MI center for local patients who need to be stabilized before being transferred to the "actual" burn center, etc.