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  1. Being a nurse in alaska in a whole new world....
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  3. by   deespoohbear
    I bet it is! I hear Alaska is beautiful, but I wouldn't be able to tolerate the cold and the long nights! Best of luck to you....
  4. by   oh-agnurse
    I hear there are huge bugs! Any truth to that? My husband is dying to move there. Any nursing jobs?
  5. by   texoradon
    There are more bugs in Texas and Colorado we have misquitoes..but NO SNAKES.....I can count the # of spiders that I have seen on one hand.... Nursing Jobs???? I have 3 hahahaha and the pay is great ..not to mention this is the most incrediable place I have ever been to ..Breath taking every where you go in alaska ...The ocean by Seward is .....a beautiful blue and the beaches are white....and no humans . You can only get there by boat or plane ....Wildlife is Gods country ..untouched and in its pure form .....I came up as a travelling nurse 2 years ago and as you can tell I still love it . In the winter it is like living in a snow globe...pure heaven .....I can send you some pictures if you would like , and what kind of nursing do you do ?? I work for the state full time and home health part time , and private duty part time ......... Stacey
  6. by   live4today
    Hi Stacey

    Husband and I lived in Alaska six years ago. We were there on military orders living in Fairbanks, Alaska. I worked per diem pediatrics while living there. Alaska is a beautiful country, but I had to leave before my husband's military time was up over there due to the effect Alaska's environment had on my body. I got what is known in laymen's terms as "frog syndrome'. I was literally swimming in my own body fluids. If a person never sweats before they go to Alaska, they may have the same problem. Anyway, I flew to a naval hospital in my favorite state of CA.........and the navy docs knew immediately how to treat me. That was the good news. The bad news was that I couldn't go back without going through that crap again, soooooooo...I humbly resigned myself to living in CA with my middle kid who was stationed there in the Navy. Yes, it was hard.......but......I LOVED EVERY DAMN BIT OF IT!!! Hubby had to complete his tour of duty without me, but he flew to CA every six months to see me. I went back briefly at the very end of his tour there, then we PCSd to Colorado...another one of GOD'S COUNTRIES!!! a luncheon to attend......check you gals and guys out later this afternoon! CHOW EVERYONE! :kiss
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  7. by   texoradon
    O.K. how did they treat it ??? I never sweat so I have had upper resp. infections too numerous to count ..Was diagnosed 3 months ago with ashma lived on a inhailer and even worse they had me on clindmycin..scared the s*#* out of me ...the end of the road ..I missed 3 weeks of work could not walk across the room without gasping for breath ..thought I was circling the drain ...But I have been taking collodial silver and it has seemed to help ...I came up to fairbanks 2 years worked for the hosp when my contract was up I moved to anchorage FAST and love it ..Liked Fairbanks but the hours were awful I was working 7a-7p,7p-7a,7a-3p,3p-11p.11p-7a all in the same week ......I lived in Calif for 14 years HATED it was not for a country gurl from a ranch in Texas !!! haha take care .............Stacey
  8. by   texoradon
    Missed the part of you lived in Colorado I moved here from Colorado lived on the west slope ..loved it but got a wild hair to see some of the world and poof here I am ..was going to do the travelling nurse thing and see alot of the world ....but I tripped and fell in live with a redneck from michigan..and married him ....he is not sure about Alaska only cause he had to do alot of work out side last year and froze his butt off ..........and he cannot understand why I have to run outside and make snow angels when it snows ...........
  9. by   travel2lv
    Hi Texoradon, I just read your thread and think I'd like a stint up in Alaska. I'm now in Hawaii finishing up a travel assignment and wonder if you would know if there any psych jobs there. My husband has been there before and wants to go back. Any help/ advice would be appreciated.
  10. by   texoradon
    Hi I also came up here as a travelling nurse ....3 years ago ..start by going to work for the state and those jobs are under workplaceakaska....I know there is a abundance of jobs e-mail address is ...let me know if you need any more help .........Stacey
  11. by   oraibi
    posted by texoradon :

    ...I came up to fairbanks 2 years worked for the hosp when my contract was up I moved to anchorage FAST and love it ..Liked Fairbanks but the hours were awful

    howdy Tex!

    so . . . you are in anchorage now . . . what's the weather like there? im wondering if it is cloudy and rainy a lot with the ocean right there? you know, like portland or seattle?

    how does fairbanks compare~weatherwise, that is? i take it there is just one hosp. in fairbanks?

    sometimes in the winter i have noticed it is warmer in anchorage than it is here in wisconsin, but im wondering if it is a damp warmer, which can feel colder (?)