Rundown of my TEAS experience

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I took the TEAS V yesterday.Here's a run down of what it was like (there seems to be a lot of questions and misimformation on here). It was computer based (I think the company offers it both ways and your testing site decides on the format). Calculators were not allowed. We weren't allowed bathroom breaks either (and the test is about 3 hours, so don't drink too much!). The proctor told us that you couldn't skip questions and then go back and answer them, but she was wrong.I was able to go back and check my work with my extra time. You can skip back as long as it's in the same section (subject) of the test. The time is tracked on the top of the screen for you so it's easy to keep track of your pace. According to the nursing department of my school, there are at least five thousand different possible questions that you get randomly assigned. I reviewed a little using the ATI study manual and the McGraw-Hill Nursing School Entrance Exam manual. The ATI manual is set up to directly correlate to the test and the practice test included in it should give you a decent idea of what you might score. The McGraw-Hill manual is a little better at explaining some things and goes into greater depth but includes a lot of stuff that doesn't apply to the TEAS. Basically the ATI book tells you exactly what you should know for the test but you may need to then find other resources to help teach it to you if you need more than a quick review. I would buy both books concentrating on the ATI one and supplementing it with Mcgraw-Hill when you need extra practice, examples, or imfo. If you can only afford to buy one get the ATI. Good Luck!

My test Stats:

I scored an 82% adjusted, which is in the 93 national percentile.:D I'm happy with my score although I'm going to retake it one more time to see if I can grab a few more points. (My school doesn't have a minimum score, they award points based on your score (along with other criteria) and you are chosen in order of the rank of your points. So the higher your score, the better.

Congrats on your grade, I only hope mine goes as well. I'm taking it in Oct. bought Version 3 a while back but this school tests with Version 5 so I bought that one as well. They are not the same at all; not even the same type of format. (Well the practice tests at the end of the book are similar.) Lot's of fill-in-the-blank and write in questions. Go figure, don't know why they changed that. Thanks for the info I think I'll spend my time going over the manual.

I am taking the GRE too and signed up for 2/2 day weekend review sessions, one weekend math/another weekend verbal. I am hoping this will help with the Teas.

So would you say that guessing will or will not hurt? What I mean, should I leave them blank and go back or just guess on a whim and possibly go back, if time permits?

I made my best quick guess, then wrote down the number (we were given scrap paper) and went back to those when I finished the section. I had plenty of time to complete all the sections except for the math. I finished but I felt a little rushed. I might be unusually slow at math, I tend toward the need to write down each step, to keep it straight. I would normally consider math my worst subject but I scored second highest on that section. I only took one of the pretests included in the manual because I just didn't have a lot of time for reviewing for it (I'm busy trying to study to make an A in my A&P 201 class which we also get entrance points for). The questions were very similar to the test. If you can take the pretest and time it out ahead of time, it helped me to keep an eye on my math pace. I'm sure that review will be helpful. Good Luck on both of your exams.

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