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Does anyone know much about a reux en y surgery? Not sure if that is spelled right! :rolleyes: If so has anyone heard of this surgery being done for reasons other than the "typical" gastric bypass. Any info is appreciated. I've tried doing several searches on the internet but only find things relating to people losing weight. My mom had this done for a perforated small bowel.

She is recovering well. Although she was taken to ICU because they found an ulcer (which I was told by GI doc that this can be a risk of the surgery she had.) She's on protonix and flagil (sp)

Thanks! :)

suzanne4, RN

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It is a technique that is used to bypass a section of the small bowel. It can be used for other diseases as well. It just happens to work well on patients that are morbidly obese. The procedure is essentially the same, just depends on how much bowel that they will bypass and/or remove.

You will get more a response on the OR nursing forum, as these are done in the OR.


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Hi Kimmie, Roux-en-y is a fairly common bowel procedure done for several reasons. It wasn't until recently that it has been publicized for weight loss surgery. The intestines are divided and repositioned to form a "Y". It can be reversed but is not done often.

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