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Ok, this is driving me nuts! I need to go with one of the Study Systems out there (I just haven't been able to make myself sit down and study with this text, need a little more structure) and can't find anything online about Chancellors. Listening to recommendations from her and grads from programs, I'm going with one of these two but need to compaire them. Anyone out there have experiance with both? Anyone have the link to Chancellors site?



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I Just Recieved Nc 1 By Looks Pretty Good. They Cost Around 250.00 And Contain A Studyb Guide And Cassette Tapes. The Web Site Is . They Have A Toll Free No. 1-888-837-8688. Sometimes You Can Find Their Guides On Ebay...just Make Sure They Are Current. One Good Thing I Have Heard About Chancellors Is Their Careplan Cpne Prep Program. You Spend About A Week At Their Site To Students Have A 67% Pass Rate And With The Careplan It Jumps To Better Than 90%. Good Luck...ed:)


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Thanx for the info. I was able to call and talk to both Rue and Chancellors (sp). I think I like the Chancellors approach a little more. Need to think on it.


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I have done both RUE and Chancellor's and I like Chancellor's better. RUE is basically a study guide and a text book and like the study guide from EC you still have to look in the book for all the info. If you need more structure and help (like I did) Chancellor's is definitely the way to go. I have also gotten a used copy of The College Network but their guide gives a little too much detail and (I thought) a little harder to read. I definitely recomend Chancellor's.

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