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Well where I work each nurse is in charge over the cna's on the their hall. Being new I had a problem with cna's trying to push limits because I was a new nurse. There was an older cna who was filling in their charting before events happened(falsifying documents). Well when I asked the cna about this she stated that she didn't know. Well she got called into the office and tried to lie and say I, the nurse, told her to do so. Long story short she was let go. Now several cna's are calling me out of my name because they are upset. I don't care about being liked but don't disrespect me. I feel a lot of the problem has to do with my being younger than the cna's and being in a supervisor position over them. Anyone else have this problem? How do bring peace to my hall?

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I sincerely apologize for this happening to you. I am a CNA and on my unit I also deal with older CNAs feeling the need to be bossy, get things done "the fastest" (a direct quote from one of the CNAs I have the biggest issue with), and them thinking that they know more than the nurse who is in charge because they may have completed LPN, RN, or another form of schooling and have not found a job yet. Just like anywhere else you work, there is a chain of command, and some (repeat I say some and definitely not all) older CNAs feel that because of their longevity in their position that for some reason their scope of practice increases with experience, which is simply not true.

I actually had a fellow coworker walk up to a nurse who was caring for the same patient and tell that nurse that she had listened to her lungs and that the resident needed a breathing treatment. Whether or not the patient did or didn't, it simply was unacceptable for that CNA to go beyond her scope of practice despite whatever she may have thought; this too was an older CNA who had completed an ADN program and was awaiting a position at our facility. In this situation you were completely right in what you did, and you acted completely appropriately. If those CNAs are having an issue with what happened it is most likely they feel threatened that they could possibly lose their job too - which is understandable in this job market, but that is not an excuse at all to be disrespectful to nurses or coworkers (I unfortunately see this a lot with select few CNAs I work with). If it continues I would definitely have a meeting about it with your nurse manager/supervisor of your unit. I have the same type of issue with an older CNA thinking she is the best PCT around because she has been in that position for 13 years, and believe me when I say this, she doesn't for a second let you forget that. So I would say, in the same why my rude coworker doesn't let me forget she is a perfect CNA - don't let other CNAs forget that you are responsible for that person's life, regardless of office politics and who is let go.

Ultimately you did what is right and that is what counts. As far as their attitudes go they will have to just get over it, but you kill more bees with honey than you do with vinegar - just don't let them cross the line where they disrespect you. Good luck and God Bless!


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Wow I'm sorry you are dealing with that. Honestly, I had a similar issue in another facility I worked in. The aides thought that they knew what to do medically because they had worked in the area for a while. And while yes, I didn't discount their knowledge(b/c yes you do pick up on things after a while), some of the things we do are nursing related and for a reason that unless you are a nurse, you have no idea....It's a very difficult position to be in. Can you have a sitdown with them or with your manager and the other nurses about who is in charge at night...or heck..write them all up for insubordination if you have to.