I work with a staff of CNA's who are mostly helpful and work as a team. However there is one CNA who is very sarcastic, rude, and her comments are often times unnecessary. I have friends who work in the front office (not nursing) who also sees this rudeness. I have not asked other nurses about it, because I don't want to seem like I am badmouthing this girl BUT I'm pretty sure a lot of them feel the same way. Its just that nobody says anything. Its getting increasingly difficult to work with this girl. She doesn't like being told what to do...I mean, she does it but there's always a sarcastic comment coming out of her mouth. She seems to say just enough to get away with it. What should I do?

There is at least one CNA like that in every place I have ever worked. I've sent a CNA home for her attitude towards other staff members. She did learn her lesson. (Probably the one that keyed my car...just kidding) LOL

You need to talk to her first, let her know you don't appreciate her comments. Set boundaries-re-enforce that you are responsible for your patients and the staff assigned to care for them. If that doesn't help the situation, go up the chain of command. The RN supervisor on your shift then the ADON, if you have one, if not, then the DON.

Is she jealous of your position? Does she aspire to further her education? Maybe she is frustrated with her current situation. Good luck. :nurse:

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EMR LPN is right there always seems to be a CNA like that. You should talk to her privately and tell her that her snarky attitude needs to stop and if it doesn't WRITE HER UP!!!! You have many more important things to do at work than worry about someone like that.