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I wanted to get the opinion of some seasoned veteran RN's and especially any RT's out there, because theres plenty.....but for me im going into semester 3 at my RN program, and I really dont think im going to make it,...im running out of money from my loans, and Its taken even more time to committ than I ever imagined.... over 40+hrs of studying per week,......yes welcome to nursing school, I do like the job, but ive been thinking lately about leaving for RT.,,,motivation is mainly financial, since right now I cant even handle working part time.

But im really starting to think about RT long and hard, I've heard, while its still difficult, ive heard its a lot more managable than Nursing, according to the department chair of a program I talked with, and some grads I talked to...... and I may be able to handle some working again, which financially, is something I really need to do..... and its really something that has started to intrigue me, the idea of being able to be on many units in a hospital, and not be restricted to just one unit, and being spared the physical ass-kicking that is nursing, and plus the option to be able to work with patients when they are in their most critical state: struggling to breathe.... I was wondering from more experienced in one or both fields, which schooling did you think was harder, what was it like, and which one did you ultimately like better......or if you chose one over the other? What led you to your choice?

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Just something to consider, it's getting as hard if not harder to get respiratory therapist jobs than it is a nursing job. Especially that hospitals hire so few in comparison to nurses.

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I am a little confused how, if you are already out of money, starting over in a whole new program will benefit you.

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